About our Smyles

Rapid Acting Nano Tech

Cannabis nanoemulsions work by taking large oil droplets and breaking them down into tiny particles that can mix with water in a way that enhances the cannabinoids’ bioavailability, resulting in rapid absorption from the moment you start chewing. No more waiting and wondering if they are working and then all of a sudden you end up in outer space. Another benefit of the rapid onset experience, is a quicker return to normal. Normally when you eat an edible, your liver processes the thc and as a bi-product of that a concentrated amount of 11 hydroxy thc is sent to the bloodstream which creates that buzz that you just can’t shake. With our rapid acting nano tech you get to enjoy your experience quicker and come back down easier

Plant Based And Vegan

Made with the highest quality ingredients, our gummies are not only delicious, but made with health conscious focus. Our  tapioca, corn syrup, and citric acid are all NON-GMO! We only use tinted sugars that are 100% kosher free of any synthetics or dyes

STRAIN Specific LIVE Resin

LIVE RESIN: is a full-spectrum concentrate made from freshly harvested cannabis flowers that are quickly flash frozen, retaining most plant compounds, including the delicate trichomes containing terpenes and flavonoids. This differentiates it from other concentrates made from dried and cured cannabis plants.

STRAIN SPECIFIC: not all live resin is made the same and we like ours specific. We only use strain specific live resin from some of the worlds best legacy farmers here in California. For a true to the strain experience, live resin offers you the opportunity to enjoy all of your favorite strains of flower in an edible